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Employee Benefits Captive 101 Webinar
In the traditional insurance marketplace, you're sharing risk with others, you just aren't familiar with WHO you are sharing risk with. What if you could share risk with like-minded businesses, among a CLEANER RISK POOL?

Group captives allow you to form your own insurance company with like-minded businesses, giving you the opportunity to learn from peers, control your claims and earn your good renewal. By being part of a cleaner pool and sharing risk with similar companies, employers can achieve a greater spread of risk, greater credibility and predictability over traditional insurance premiums.

Innovative Captive Strategies invites you to an exclusive opportunity to learn about group captives. If you have over 50 enrolled employees and are looking for an alternative to traditional insurance, please join us for an Employee Benefits Captive 101.

Don't be afraid to DIP YOUR TOE IN and DO BUSINESS BOLDLY with ICS.


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